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    #the first chicks just like yeah all right lets get physically fit #the second woman is ready to slit somebody’s throat #the third guy just watched the second woman slit someone he loves throat #and the fourth guy is having explosive diarrhea and hoping to distract himself from the pain #using this level forty fist nunchuck

    and at level 70 you fucking animorph into a gorilla

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  • "Dylan O’Brien just hugged a fan who broke down crying. He gave her his name tag."

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  • DarrenCriss: Congratulations to the totally awesome Daniel Radcliffe on the closing of “The Cripple of Inishmaan” today. Bravo to another great Broadway run!

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  • Chris Colfer on the upcoming Noël Coward biopic: "So far it’s been so much fun. I went out to London to start prep work for it and it was an amazing experience, just like going around London and seeing where he lived, and working with people, meeting the fellow actors. It has an amazing cast so far and I am so excited for that project."

    So AMAZING!!

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  • Never thought I’d see the day! #deepfriedbroccoli #anewlevel

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    when yo friend is considering watchin yo favorite show



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  • Such a good minion! #groceryelves #takingonefortheteam #savingmylife

  • how to train your stiles


    Niamh wanted personal trainer Derek and movie star Stiles, and I couldn’t really resist. [x]

    "You seriously have to be kidding me, it’s not rocket science." Derek rolls his eyes, watching his newest client, Hollywood’s latest it-boy and romcom darling, Stiles Stilinski, flop helplessly in the midst of his attempted squat. He sprawls out on the floor, big Bambi eyes blinking up innocently at Derek. What an idiot, Derek can’t believe this is his life; if Laura hadn’t convinced him to take this job ("Imagine all the great press it would get for the gym, Derek!") he would have never taken on the actor as a client. Derek loathes Hollywood types to the core; spoiled, arrogant toerags, all of them. 

    Somehow Stiles is none of these things; he’s actually kind of funny, and down-to-earth, with a sharp, biting sarcasm that’s refreshing. And Derek reluctantly agrees that he definitely deserves that MTV Teen Choice Award for “Best Eyes.” He’s not sure about “Best Kiss,” though, because Derek isn’t going to admit to anyone that he sat through and watched all of Stiles’ cheesy romantic comedy movies, nor that he was actually moved to near-tears in his last performance. And Derek definitely wasn’t jealous of any of the girls or guys Stiles made out with in his movies. (He does look like an amazing kisser, though). 

    What Stiles actually is, is kind of useless at most exercises. And boxing. And judo. Swimming. Alright in weight training. He fails spectacularly at most all else, whatever reason, making his goal— to bulk up for his first action hero role— incredibly difficult for Derek. 

    "I may need you to demonstrate it again," Stiles says, looking up from under his lashes at Derek. 

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    "Sad, sad world."

    Daniel Sharman & Adelaide Kane panel at Eyecon (6.14.14)


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  • Anonymous asked : We all know that when Rory will be a famous war correspondent and Jess a published author,they will meet again and end up together ;)




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